TV is revolutionizing

Ultimate freedom with interactive TV

BrightBlue revolutionizes TV, as we know it today. From now on, you decide where and when you watch which program. All you need is a internet connected device with a display.

Core values

  • Modern complete package: TV-as-a-Service

  • Pay-as-you-grow-Model:

  • - Affordable one-off

  • - Competitive OPEX

  • Minimal Risks

Unique Selling Points

  • One-Stop-Shop for technical service

  • Normal IP-traffic, no complex / expensive setup

  • White Label: Apps with your own branding

  • Extended Marketing-Toolkit available

  • Time-to-Market: 2 Months

BrightBlue is TV-as-a-Service

BrightBlue offers service providers, municipal utilities and companies - no matter their size - a cost effective interactive TV offer for your customers. Within two months, your customers can also enjoy TV-as-a-Service.

  • Interactive TV with all common modern features

  • Cost effective B2B2C-solution

  • Super fast time-to-market

Television is becoming individual experience

BrightBlue transports the viewer from the sofa into the director‘s chair. Because all display options are flexible, Cloud-based and scalable: one connection alone allows up to twelve persons, with all functions available on different devices.

  • HD- and 4K-Streams

  • Trickplay: ReplayTV, Restart, PauseLive

  • Parallel recording

  • Teletext, HbbTV

BrightBlue is flexible

BrightBlue brings the content you want - regardless of the network type - to all end devices, which have a screen and an internet connection.

  • Optimized for glass fiber, cable, VDSL
  • Scalable content distribution with HTTP-Caching

BrightBlue is compatible

BrightBlue works with every technical platform and distributes content from all providers.

Diversity of Set-Top-Boxes

Amazon Fire OS

Android Phone, Android Tablet and Android TV

Apple iOS and macOS


BrightBlue unterstands your content requirements

BrightBlue supports all common public law and private HDTV channels as well as Pay-TV premium channels and international programs in all languages.


TV channels


in HD Quality


Radio channels



Customize BrightBlue to your corporate design

BrightBlue gives you the option of adding your own logo to splash screens, app icons, channel lists and marketing resources, and designing them in your corporate design.

  • Your logo as startup logo

  • Apps in App Stores with your logo and text

With our marketing toolkit you address your viewers directly

BrightBlue offers a broad marketing toolkit to help you market the offering. We provide this toolkit as a blueprint so that you can tailor our templates to your individual needs at any time.

  • Animated films

  • Installation poster

  • Website Content

  • Brochures

BrightBlue keeps the overview

BrightBlue offers you various options to optimize your customer service and keep an eye on the use of all facilities.

  • Tool for technical customer care

  • Live coverage

  • Monthly reporting

BrightBlue: how does it work

BrightBlue makes interactive television possible. Fast, easy and inexpensive. What steps need to be taken to provide your customers with an interactive TV experience?


API integration or use our Mini-CRM


Trainings and Workshops for technical customer care and marketing teams


Product launch!

We are BrightBlue.

We are BrightBlue.
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